Project H2O/Youth Act

Project H2o

Project H2O (Here to Overcome) is an empowerment program for females agesĀ 16-18. The program teaches participants how to overcome issues in their lives that have hindered their progress toward becoming successful adults. The target population includes: female juvenile offenders; youth who are not currently attending school; have recently been released from juvenile detention; or are at risk of entering/re-entering the juvenile justice system; as well as pregnant or parenting youth.

Project H2O will provide a safe and caring environment for young women to explore and discuss such issues as:

Participants will also engage in youth-driven community service projects designed to allow the youth the opportunity to give back to the community in a healthy, meaningful way.

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Youth Act

Youth And Community Together (YACT) is a program for male juvenile offenders as well as young men that possess various risk factors that are hindering their personal growth and success.

The goal is to give young males opportunities to strengthen community connections and become positive contributing members of our society by increasing awareness of the consequences of their behavior and the importance of being meaningfully engaged in the community. YACT helps young adults develop self-awareness and increase interpersonal skills. YACT activities include topical group discussion, tours/panel discussions, victim sensitivity training, community/personal enrichment projects, support groups and relationship building.

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