Need Based Fund

Do you qualify for the need-based fund?

The Need Based Fund budget makes it impossible to give money to everyone who requests it. In fact, we’ve had to tighten our qualification standards recently. So even if you were able to get Need Based Funds in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved this time. If you answer yes to BOTH of these questions you are eligible for the grant.

  1. Do you need money for an emergency?
  2. Are you unable to get what you need from another resource (for example, if you need to buy groceries, you can go to a food pantry.)

Still think you qualify?

Complete the form and submit to Lindsey. If you don’t provide all of the requested information, you may not qualify. Once submitted, you should hear back in 3-5 days as long as the application is completely filled out.

Please note the following regarding Need Based Fund in Lincoln:

Once your application is approved, Lindsey will contact you to determine the best way to get the funds to the vendor. She will also discuss other services and supports available to you through the Bridge to Independence Program.

You are eligible to receive $500 through this program per year. If you don’t need the entire $500 all at one time, you may receive partial grants several times per year, but you cannot exceed $500 in any one year period. (For example, if your first partial request is granted on May 1st, you can request another partial amount up until April 30th of the following year as long as the amount does not exceed $500. If you receive a one time $500 on May 1st, you may not request again until May 1st of the following year.) Make sense? If not, just ask and we’ll help you out.

Ready to fill out an application?

Contact Lindsey Drake to make a request or to ask questions. You can also reach Lindsey at 402-580-9247.

This program is made possible with funding from Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

Need Based Fund Application- Revised 10-2014